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Suspicious Camera Activity

December 10, 2023

VAGRANCY - 1951hrs - Back Gate Face south - male VAGRANT wearing red checkered, black pants, and white shoes with black bag entered the site and sat down on the ground blocking the parkade gate outside the building then stayed

2003hrs - dispatched guard

2017hrs -  received a call from guard and he ask the location of the suspect and operator guide him until he reach the exact location where the suspect is

2018hrs - Back Gate Face South - another female vagrant wearing orange/black hooded jacket, orange pants, and black shoes with two red shopping bags entered the site outside the building and approached the SUSPECT(1) then stayed 

2019hrs - Back Gate Face South - male guard entered the area and approached the suspects to leave afterwards the suspects stood up and left the area then walked away from the site at Back Gate Face north at 2022hrs while male guard patrolled the area outside the building then stayed at the Main Door Up 

2021hrs - received a call from guard and as per him 'the suspects  already left the site and site is cleared'

- Charie 


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