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Suspicious Camera Activity

May 2, 2024

VAGRANCY - 4:46am - Main Door UP - female VAGRANT light brown cap, dark blue shirt, dark blue/maroon checkered long sleeve, black pants, black shoes with black backpack entered the area and stayed outside of the building afterwards lay down then slept at wheel chair ramp

4:49am - called guard with call back number 778-681-0376

4:56am - Main Door UP - dark blue car (guard's vehicle) entered the area and stopped outside of the building - male guard came out and approached the female suspect to leave the area 

4:57am - Main Door UP - female suspect awake and stood up afterwards left the area then walked away from the site at upper middle of the screen 

4:57am - Main Door UP - male guard waited for the suspect to fully left the site then went inside the car afterwards left the area then drove away from the site at upper middle of the screen 5:02am

4:59am - guard called us here as per him "he already removed the suspect"


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