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Suspicious Camera Activity

April 22, 2024

BREAK IN/VAGRANCY - 7:04 pm - Enterphone - male VAGRANT wearing black and white checkered long sleeves, green pants, black shoes with white plastic bag and white paper bag entered the area and stayed outside the building

7:07 pm - DW - Enterphone - male TENANT came out from the building while male suspect held the door and went inside then walked through at middle right part of the screen out of camera view at Mailroom

7:07 pm - called 911

7:07 pm - dispatched guard

9:08 pm - Mailroom - male suspect appeared on the camera view together with female tenant afterwards left the area then walked away from the site at middle left part of the screen out of camera view at Enterphone

9:09 pm - called guard to update (CANCELLED DISPATCHED)

Note: while having conversation with the operator, the male suspect left the site empty handed and he just lasted for one minute - (CANCELLED DISPATCHED)


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