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Suspicious Camera Activity

August 6, 2023

7:51pm - Main Door UP - male VAGRANT wearing black jacket, blue shirt, light brown pants, black shoes entered the area and stayed outside of the building then sat down out of camera view at wheel chair ramp 7:51pm - Main Door UP - male suspect remove his jacket and threw it at the wheelchair ramp then stayed still in the area 7:53pm - dispatched guard

8:04pm - Main Door UP - male suspect stood up at wheelchair ramp out of camera view then walked away from the site at the upper right side of the screen at the same time 8:05pm - white car (guard's vehicle) entered the area and parked outside of the building - male guard came out and checked the area at wheel chair ramp and went inside the car afterwards left the area then drove away from the site 8:11pm

note: when the guard about arrived on site the suspect about to leave the site

GUARD REPORT - 2006 hours, security arrived on site and patrolled the lobby area and the ramp on the right of the building. After patrol, security contacted operations regarding the location of the vagrant. Operations directed security towards the ramp on the right side of the building. And got information that he is hiding there. Based on the information given security checked the area, there was no one, just black jacket lying there. Security left site at 2010 hours.


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