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Building Security Reminder

Friday, September 23, 2022

Building Security Reminder

Dear Owners/Residents,

Recently, an intruder made several successful attempts to access the building and entered the upper stairwell floors.

Ensuring the building’s security is at a maximum level requires the attention and effort of all Residents. Please exercise the following precautions:

  • Do not leave valuables in vehicles, including key fobs.

  • LOCK your suite doors at all times.

  • Please immediately inform the Strata Agent of any lost or stolen fobs so they can be deactivated right away.

  • All thefts or suspicious activity should be reported to Rancho Management.

  • All thefts should also be reported to the police directly.

  • Vehicles must stop and wait for the gate to fully close before entering or exiting the parkade gates into the parkade and into the residents' parking area. Failure to do so may result in maximum bylaw fines of $200 per incident.

  • When entering or exiting the building, do not allow anyone you don’t know to enter the building. It is OK to ask someone to use their FOB as proof that they belong inside the building. Also, please be understanding if someone asks you to use your FOB - they are helping to ensure the security of the building. • Please do not allow unknown persons to follow you into the building.

  • If you see anyone trying to enter the building or parkade without a fob, or any other suspicious activity, CALL THE POLICE and notify the Building Manager/Rancho with the details.

  • Ensure you know whom you are letting into the building if you are buzzed via the enter phone. If you are not expecting a package, please do not let delivery people into the building.

5201_BCS2563_2022_401_memo_building_security_reminder (1)
Download PDF • 250KB

Thank you for your cooperation.


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