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Suspicious Camera Activity

10:57am – IP camera7 – female wearing green hooded jacket, black pants and black shoes with box entered the area and put at the ground a boxes outside the gate afterwards climbed over the side of the gate then opened the gate – female suspect took a box outside the gate and walked further into the site then stayed out of camera view at the right side of the screen – called 911 with the file number VA 22-11330

11:04am – IP camera7 – female suspect spotted again on the camera and she climbed at another gate in the area then walked around into the site at IP camer4 then walked out of camera view at the upper-left of the screen at far end view at IP camera4

11:13am – IP camera4 – female suspect entered the area with plastic bags from out of camera view then walked around the garden

11:16am – IP camera4 – male tenant entered the area and he saw the female suspect afterwards and remove the suspect – female suspect with the white plastic bags exits the site at IP camera7 afterwards opened the gate and exits the site then closed the gate and walked away from the site at 11:17am

11:17am – IP camera4 – male tenant checked the gate and the suspect stuff in the area afterwards left the area then walked out of camera view at the left side of the screen at far end view

11:21am – 911 Update – as per VPD “the plastic bag the suspect took in the site is a garbage"- Eugene


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