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Suspicious Camera Activity

November 29, 2022

12:06am - East Gate Outside - male vagrant wearing orange jacket, gray beanie hat and gray pants with bicycle entered the site and stayed in the area 12:08am - East Gate Outside - male suspect left his bicycle in the area and went at East Gate (outside) afterwards walked at out of camera view at East Gate Outside upper view of the screen 12:09am - East Gate Outside - male suspect came back and started acting suspicious in front of the gate (the suspect is right below the camera) - called guard with a call back number 604 354 0909 12:18am - network disconnected (suspect still in the area) 12:20am - Guard onsite - suspect removed without incident 12:26am - network connected 12:26am - video tour 7/9 cameras active and accounted for 12:26am - Gym Courtyard and Quebec St. - video lost

12:26am - East Gate Outside - suspect already removed from site


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