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Suspicious Camera Activity

January 20, 2022

6:02am – camera1 – male wearing black hooded jacket and black pants entered the area outside the building and trying to open the door of the building – Dispatched guard - male suspect walked away from the door at the top left side of the of the screen

6:05am – camera10 – male suspect entered the area then stayed

6:06am – camera10 – male tenant came out from the building and opened the gate afterwards exits the site and closed the gate then walked away from the site

6:08am – camera10 – male suspect left the area and walked through at IP camera6 afterwards walked out of camera view at the top right side of the screen at IP camera7

6:09am – camera10 –Mobile guard arrived entered and patrolled the area then stopped – male suspect walks away from the site after sotting the guard

6:11am – camera10 – mobile guard went back inside his car then left the area and drove away from the site - Angel


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