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Toilet Wax Seal & Washing Machine Supply Line Replacement

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Toilet Wax Seal & Washing Machine Supply Line Replacement Dear Owners,

If you are interested in signing up for the wax seal and supply line replacement, please ensure you write your unit number on the sign-up sheet outside the Building Manager’s office for us to tabulate the how many units are interested. All Owners who are interested must sign up by: November 12, 2021

Please be reminded of the following costs.

The cost to replace the laundry supply lines is $178.00 plus applicable taxes. The cost to replace in-suite toilet wax seals and supply line is $138.00 per toilet plus applicable taxes. Please note that this is based on the isolation valves for the toilets holding. Should a valve fail to hold, replacement will be at an additional cost.

Please note that any issues regarding to this service is not the responsibility of the Strata Corporation.

Thank you for your attention.

See PDF attached

Download PDF • 216KB


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