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Suspicous Camera Activity

March 4, 2023

1:43 am - Main Door up - male VAGRANT wearing red hat, black jacket, camouflage pants and brown shoes, entered the area then stayed outside the main Door of the building - called guard with call back number :236 -5585 - 717

1:50 am - Main Door Up - light colored car (guard's vehicle ) entered the area and stopped outside the building - male guard came out and approached the suspect afterwards went back inside the security car

1:53am - Main Door Up - male suspect left the area then walked away from the site at the upper middle right side of the screen

1:54am - Main Door Up - light colored car (guard's vehicle ) left the area then drove away from the site

Guard reported -

"Got a dispatch call at 1.43 am to remove the vagrant from 125 milross ave. Arrived at the site at 1.50 am , asked the vagrant to leave the site and after 2-3 minutes the vagrant left. The site was safe and secure. Left the site at 1.53 am ".


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