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Suspicious Camera Activity

January 21, 2024

VAGRANCY - 1:36pm - Main Gate Outside - Male VAGRANT Wearing blue bonet, brown jacket,denim pants and black shoes with white and green bag entered the site and blocking the gate of pakrade of the building

1:38pm - Dispatched Guard

1:39pm - Main Gate Outside - Black SUV exits the parkade while the SUSPECT is already at the side of the wall at Main Gate Outside  

1:41pm - Main Gate Outside - Male Suspect walked out of camera view at lower middle of the screen and still blocking the gate of the pakade

1:42pm - Main Gate Outside - Male and female tenant entered the area from out of camera view at upper left side of the screen and approached  the suspect and removed in the area - male suspect left the area then walked away from the site out of camera view at the upper right side of the screen at 1:43pm  - called guard to update (dispatch cancelled but as per him he almost  onsite and will continue ) 

1:52pm -  Main Door Up - Male guard entered the area and approached the tenant afterwards male guard left the area and walked away from the site


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