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Suspicious Camera Activity

November 10, 2023

9:52pm - Main Door Up - female VAGRANT wearing red winter jacket, red pants with black shoes entered the area and tried to opened the door afterwards left the area and walked through at Main Gate Outside then stayed outside the building 9:52pm - called and dispatched guard

9:54pm - Main Gate Outside - female SUSPECT appeared on the camera view and started to wandering around the area outside the building afterwards left the area then walked out of camera view

9:58pm - Main Door Up - Main Door Up - a female TENANT entered the area then went inside the building - female suspect followed through the tenant and went inside the building afterwards walked through Mailroom then went inside the elevator - moments later a male tenant from inside of the elevator came out and approached the suspect to leave the site afterwards suspect exits the building then walked away from the site at Main Door Up at upper middle side of the screen at 9:59pm

- Corrine

10:05pm - Back Gate Face North - black car (guard's vehicle) entered the area and stopped - male guard came out and patrolled the parkade at East Gate Outside - moments later went back inside the black car then drove out of camera view at Back Gate Face South - received a call from guard and asked the last location of suspect

10:18pm - Main Door Up - male entered the area and patrolled the front door afterwards went inside the building to patrol further

10:23pm - Main Door Up - male guard came out from the building and patrolled at Main Gate Outside afterwards went back inside the black car then left the site

GUARD REPORT - received call from WT dispatch regarding an aggressive female vagrant in the front of the parkade that was arguing with residents. I reached out to the site at 2205 , at that time she was no longer on site but security erfored a perimeter patrol of the site waited for the police. VPD reported that they were already searching for this female vagrant that was last seen heading towards Quebec street.

Prabhjot singh E330983


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