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Suspicious Camera Activity

Nov 5, 2023

aVAGRANCY - 0110 hrs - East Gate Outside - two male VAGRANTS male(1) wearing blue hooded jacket, black pants, and white shoes while male(2) wearing black jacket, gray pants and black shoes entered the site blocking parkade gate and sat down on the ground outside the building

0115hrs - called guard with callback number: 604-657-2331 0120hrs - Back Gate Face South - white car (guard's vehicle) entered the area and parked outside the building - male guard came out and walked through at East Gate Outside and approached the SUSPECTS afterwards male guard walked towards his vehicle then waited for the suspects to leave the site 0123 hrs - East Gate Outside - the SUSPECTS stood up afterwards left the area then walked away from the site at back gate face north 0125hrs - back gate face south - male guard patrolled the area afterwards went inside his car then drove away from the site


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