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Suspicious Camera Activity

September 18, 2023

VAGRANT - 9:43am - Main Gate Outside - male wearing white shirt, black short with inner blue pants and red/blue shoes entered the area outside the parkade gate then stayed sat on the ground

9:47am - Dispatched Guard

9:55am - Main Gate Outside - male caretaker entered the area and approached the SUSPECT

9:56am - Main Gate Outside - male suspect left the area then left the site while male caretaker went inside the parkade

9:57am - Cancel Dispatched Guard and as her if she's near the area and as per her "i "

10:06am - Main Gate Outside - female guard entered and patrol the area and patrol the site at Quebec st, Main Door Up, East Gate Outside, Back Gate Face South, Back Gate Face North and Main Door Up

10:15am - Main Door Up - male caretaker came out from the lobby and talked to the female guard afterwards left the area then left the site

Note : Station canceled the dispatched minutes after the suspect left. Staton also asked the dispatched guard if she was near the area and as per her "She was just about to leave 900 Burrard" station also confirmed to her that she did not have to go to the said site because the suspect already left.


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