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Suspicious Camera Activity

May 27, 2023

3:10am - Main Door UP - VAGRANTS - male(1) wearing black cap, black shirt, black pants, white shoes with black paper bag while male(2) wearing black/yellow green hooded long sleeve, dark blue pants, black shoes with black backpack entered the area and stayed then sat down outside the building at wheel chair ramp - called guard with call back 236-333-2189

3:22am - Main Door UP - two suspects left the area then walked away from the site - called guard to update (he is almost there)

3:28am - back gate face south - rose gold car (guard's vehicle) entered the area and drove through at Main Door UP then parked outside of the building - male guard came out and checked the area

3:40am - Main door UP - male guard went inside the car afterwards left the area then drove away from the site


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