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Suspicious Camera Activity

May 13, 2023

0151hrs - MAIN DOOR UP - male and female VAGRANTS entered the area then stayed outside the building in front of the main lobby - male wearing blue and black baseball cap, light yellow t-shirt, black jacket, camouflage pants and white and yellow shoes with white body bag while female wearing blue bandana, blue tank top black crop top, blue pants and black shoes with black handbag - called guard with call back number : 604-354-0909

0201hrs- MAIN DOOR UP -female suspect spray something on the top of the door then male SUSPECT was trying to break something on the top of the door using a thing on his hands( looks like blow torch) afterwards on the same time rose gold car (guard's vehicle) entered the area and parked outside the building - male guard came out and approached the two SUSPECT afterwards male and female suspect took their things afterwards left the area then walked away from the site at the upper left side of the screen out of camera view at 0204hrs

0204hrs-MAIN DOOR UP-male guard checked the doors afterwards went back inside the car parked in the area then left the area and drove away from the site at 0208hrs



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