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Suspicious Camera Activity

April 21, 2023

2:21pm - Backgate Face South - male VAGRANT wearing a black hooded , black pants and brown shoes with blue backpack looked like intoxicated with drugs or maybe drunk entered the area then stayed outside the gate slept in the walked way - Called Non Emergency

1530hrs - Back Gate Face South - male caretaker came out from the other gate of the building and looked the suspect afterwards went inside the parkade at East Gate Outside

1559hrs - Back Gate Face North - male caretaker came out from the building and walked through at Back Gate Face South

1601hrs - Back Gate Face South - Black police SUV entered the area and stopped - male police officer came out and approached the SUSPECT to remove him in the area afterwards went back inside the SUV then left the site

1603hrs - Back Gate Face South - male suspect stood up and took the light blue bag bag-pack on the ground afterwards left the area and walked away from the site at upper right side of the screen

- Claud


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