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Suspicious Camera Activity

Dec 12, 2022

10:52pm-Back Gate face south- male1 VAGRANT wearing a blue hooded jacket, light brown pants, black slipper, and white socks entered the area and stayed at the corner of the gate behind the post in front of the east gate - called VPD with file number VA22-192333

10:56pm-Back Gate face south- another male2 VAGRANT wearing a black cap , black jacket, black pants white shoes entered the area and approached (suspect 1) then went to East Gate Outside checked the garbage placed in the area and took the stick then went back with the (suspect1) afterward (suspect2) walked away from the site at the upper left side of the screen

11:07pm- Back Gate face south- the (suspect1) continued to wander around the area

11:21pm-Back Gate face south- the (suspect1) left the area and walked out of camera view at Back Gate at the alcove left side of the screen afterward went back outside the gate of East gate

11:24 pm- Back Gate Face South- - the (suspect1) left the area and walked away from the site at the back Gate FaceNorth upper side of the screen

Note: the suspects already left the site. Beforr the police arrived


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