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Toilet Wax Seal & Washing Machine Supply Line Replacement

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Dear Owners/Residents,

The Strata Council has solicited a proposal from Pacific West Mechanical to replace in-suite toilet wax seals and laundry supply lines.

The cost to replace the laundry supply lines is $178.00 plus applicable taxes. The cost to replace in-suite toilet wax seals and supply line is $138.00 per toilet plus applicable taxes. Please note that this is based on the isolation valves for the toilets holding. Should a valve fail to hold, replacement will be at an additional cost.

Due to COVID 19, Residents are reminded to socially distance and wear a mask when letting the technicians in.

Please note that any issues regarding to this service is not the responsibility of the Strata Corporation. A sign up sheet will be posted requesting for details including the Owners name, contact info, contact email, and number of toilets. Upon signing the sign up sheet, the Owner agrees to pay for all the work and will be assessed a chargeback. A detailed memo with sign up sheet will be provided to Owners shortly.

See pdf attached

Download PDF • 219KB


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